Who We Are?

We are a team of professional and experienced HR and Risk specialists who are dedicated to providing tailored HR and Risk solutions to any business at any size.

Whether you are:

  • a small business who may not need a full-time HR manager,
  • a medium company who may have someone in-house to manage human resources but still need ongoing extra support externally, or
  • a large enterprise who already has an in-house HR team but may need some expertise in specific areas or would like to outsource some special projects,

our team are always here to share our experience and knowledge with you to make sure your workplaces are safe, fair and compliant.

We do this by providing professional advice, ongoing support, tailored documentation, and customized training to suit your business needs and protect your people.

Why Us?

At REDY HR, we care for every one of our clients, no matter whether your business has 2 or 200 employees, and we only offer what your business needs.

We offer a tailored service proposal to suit each individual client, and you only pay for the services you require. We have flexible fee structures to suit different needs, which means you can choose to pay per hour, per document, per service, per project, or per tailored annual service package.

Our goal is to help you build a suitable and compliant HR system at your workplace and to train your people internally to understand your HR system, so that Workplace Relations and Compliance are no longer stressful issues for you, and you can feel in control and free to focus on your business.

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